Alisher Navoi Museum of Literature




Shaikhontokhur district, Avenu Alisher Navoi 1.


+998 71 232 83 94


State Museum of Literature. Alisher Navoi is a scientific, educational and cultural institution. The Museum displays manuscripts that reflect the centuries-old history of Uzbek literature, historical documents, paintings, various photographic materials. The Museum was founded in 1939. It was then, in the Museum, the first exhibition dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the great Oriental poet, founder of Uzbek literature Alisher Navoi, and in 1967, according to the government decree "on the Museum of Literature of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan", the Museum received the status of scientific and educational institutions of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. The Museum displays the best examples of national literature and monuments of material culture with a thousand-year history. The Museum Fund continues to be replenished, as the employees of the departments are working on further study of the history of Uzbek literature, from ancient times to the present day. A manuscript Fund and a repository of old printed books have been created, the number of which exceeds 2,000 titles, including the oldest and unique works of poets and classical writers of national literature. Archive of modern writers and poets of Uzbekistan, which has more than 65,000 documents Dating from the XIX century to the present time. Visitors to the Museum have the opportunity to see portraits of writers and poets, whose names are called the streets and avenues of the cities of Uzbekistan